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Sew & Quilt Stores
The Official Website of Temple Sewing and Supply, Inc.

Since 1997 Temple Sewing and Supply, Inc. a retail store chain
offering top quality sewing machines, sergers, embroidery
machines, cabinets, fabric, and notions. Stop by one of our
local stores for the best in sewing and quilting.

Here you can find the support, help, and supplies
to make your hobby or sewing business fun and easy.
Our online store is offered to enhance your shopping
experience. Like you, we love to sew.

Master Sewing Machine Technicians
 Jeremiah Trumble, Jose Riveria, Robert Owens

They bring over 30 years of service experience on all types of sewing
machines, sergers, embroidery machines, irons, etc.
Their reputation is unrivaled in Central Texas.

A Wide Variety of Classes
are offered in our Killeen and Waco Locations.
Our teachers have a wide variety of backgrounds and knowledge.
With Classes ranging from beginning sewing and quilting to the expert classes for the more advanced.
We are sure to have the right class for your needs.

Your Hometown Destination!




Our Corporate Office Is Located At
Temple Sewing Machine and Supply, Inc.
234 White Cedar Trail Killeen, TX 76542
Phone: (254) 338-7367

Retail Locations

Killeen Sew and Quilt
2201 South W.S. Young Dr. #111C
Killeen, Texas 76543 (254) 616-2200

Temple Sew and Quilt
1510 South 31st Street
Temple, Texas 76504-6768 (254) 774-9797

Waco Sew And Quilt
4300 W. Waco Dr. Ste. B
Waco, Texas. 76710 (254)772-2887

Baby Lock Sub Dealer
Serenity Quilts Of Many Colors
104 West 13th Street Brady, TX 76825-6627
(325) 597-3102


Georgetown TX Pick Up & Drop Off Locations

Georgetown Vacuum Center

3010 Williams Dr. STE 138
Georgetown, TX 78626

Poppy Quilt And Sew
3010 Williams Dr STE 156
Georgetown, TX 78628
(512) 863-6108


 Store Hours :

Monday - Friday
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Killeen, Temple, and Waco

Saturday :

10AM - 4PM

Killeen And Waco Only
Temple Closed Saturday

Special Events :

After Hours See Your Store's Calendar.

Sew & Quilt

2201 So. W.S. Young Killeen, Tx. 76543


Sew & Quilt

 1510 South 31st St
 Temple, Tx 76504



Sew & Quilt

 4300 W. Waco Dr. B
 Waco, Tx 76710



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